Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's easy to get dislocated from our food. We go to the grocery store or the local corner store and we buy what we need. Just like that, off the shelf, out of the fridge.

But if we think about connecting with our food -where it comes from and who is raising it- it's an eye-opening and inspiring experience.

Think about it. There are farmers like the one's pictured here at Ferme Tourne-sol Cooperative, where 5 young farmer partners are dedicated to growing food for 250 families. More on these folks in upcoming posts.

It's hopeful to know that while many of us are still immune to where our food comes from, there is a new awakening afoot on why it makes sense to eat local farmed food and organic whenever possible. And it's gaining attention for good reason.

I am not purporting that we all give up our favourites and induct ourselves into the "100 mile Diet" challenge (although it would be a great learning experience if we would),

but I am putting forth that we can easily become ever more mindful of what we eat with a view to that.  Ease ourselves into it. The world is changing and it will be easier to be "WITH" the program than to be 'out of touch' with it. 

Stay tuned for some stories from the fields and the recipes to go with them.

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